Bakery and Coffee Shop GRANIER Found 1 Properties


Granier is an honest, professional and committed company with its work.

We are characterized by the quality of our products and service, as well as an inexhaustible capacity for innovation. We are a trustworthy, close and flexible company.

We like to lead by example and we are not afraid of change. We choose our travel companions to be the best.


At Granier we think that, if you have not invented something better, why change it? We like the neighborhood bakery, the people who give priority to quality and those who act with a vocation for service. When you walk into an oven you should smell of bread and you should be able to see bread freshly made, golden and crunchy on the shelves. We want that every day the neighbors come to see us, that they spend some time with us, that they appreciate and enjoy the quality of our products, that they feel comfortable and well cared for.

Our way of acting reflects how we are and want that way of seeing things to be palpable in everything we do.